Tuesday, January 27, 2015

6 Cool Things To Read

Here's a sixer from around the fly fishing internet of articles and blog posts which caught my eye this week.  Take a few minutes to check them all out.

There's a reason why Matt Smythe's blog is called fishingpoet.com.  Enjoy.

Mr. Morselli breaks down the highlights from last year's gear offerings and I concur on most of them.

There might be a lot of anglers that consider themselves a "Trout Bum" but they are a far cry from photographer Bryan Gregson, who for years couch surfed and lived out of plastic bins and gear bags kept in storage.  He's the real deal and he's got the photos to prove it.

The peeps at Postfly break down the blogs that you should be reading and since you are reading this you only have seven more to check out.

We all need more Jim Harrison in our lives and this collection of interviews on the Sporting Classic Daily website is a good start.

I know it's hard to come off the hip with a couple hundred dollars for a day on the water with a guide but it's well worth it.  Stalking The Seam tells you why.


Fine Tackle - CTS Fishing Quartz Build

Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle makes a very excellent point along with this CTS Fishing Quartz six weight build that he recently finished on where would we be without CTS? 

There are a lot of small shop builders and others who would be left scratching their heads looking for another company to roll their blanks and they likely wouldn't come close to what they are getting now as far as quality or options.  

Christian wrote...  "Where would we be without CTS on New Zealand? They are one of the most important manufacturers of contemporary fiberglass blanks. They supply high end custom tapers to builders all over the world. They also have their own line of fiberglass rods, the Quartz series. This is an 8', 6wt Quartz rod that has been given +25% stiffness. It's a special edition made for the Swedish tackle shop Flyfishing Masters. This custom Quartz blank is available in other weights as well, and I can highly recommend it. This build was appointed in saltwater style, and will be the perfect companion for sea run brownies, bass or arctic pike."

Visit the Fine Tackle website for more information and images of this build and others.  This build will be available through Alternative Tackle.

Monday, January 26, 2015

EPIC = Quality Over Quantity

Though they have only been around for a couple years now, Swift Fly Fishing continues to impress with the creation of new Epic fiberglass blanks, collaborations with top level fly rod builders instead of shipping off the work to China, and sticking to the Swift Manifesto at all costs.

Swift Fly Fishing has some surprises up their sleeve for 2015.  Make sure you're following along.

Check out Facebook and Instagram to stay in the know.


This video is really good and if you aren't following along with what Dave Hartman of Strip'n Flywear is up to then you damn well need be.

More Creekside Media goodness on the website and Vimeo page.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Limited Edition Of #1

I really don't know if some people end up with more talents then others or, much more likely, some people just explore and take advantage of every ounce of inspiration that they have which in the end gives them experiences that few others will have.

Someone that seems to have his hands in ten things at once is Lee Slikkers.  Lee and I connected through Facebook and his experiences range from rod building to falconry to leatherwork to various tinkering of all sorts.  He surprised me the other day with a leather made can koozie that is beyond cool.

Lee is working on another project for T.F.M. that we'll share in a series of posts in the coming week or too.  In the meantime I can't wait to crack a can top in this one of a kind leather koozie when it arrives.

This Week In #glassisnotdead

Another week and another baker's dozen images hashtagged with #glassisnotdead on Instagram.

This set is interesting since it tips you off to a few new things that are in the works.  














Be sure to hashtag your photos with #glassisnotdead and a favorite photo may turn up in a future T.F.M. post.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gear Review - Umpqua Tailgater

One of the hot products coming out of IFTD last summer was the recently released Umpqua Tailgater gear organizer.  One arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago and I have to say this is a genius piece of kit for keeping your go to gear all in one spot with room to spare for waders, boots, large fly boxes, and anything else  you might want to carry along with you.  

The Tailgater will fit around most plastic totes and I opted to use mine with a Rubbermaid Roughneck 18 gallon storage box.  This all installs in a matter of minutes and mine is already filled with fly boxes and other gear for spring time warmwater kayak trips to the pond.

Features of the Tailgater include...
  • Two large bellowed fly-box pockets
  •  Four stretch-mesh pockets
  • Four all-purpose mesh pockets 
  • Coated web and daisy chain attachment
  • Tool sheath for hemostats
  • Velcro fly patch
  • Velcro and SR clip one-size-fits-all adjustability
  • Two large web grab handles
  • Made of 400D Poly Fabric
  • Featuring YKK Zippers
  • Foam fly patch

All this and the top of the Roughneck storage tote still fits securely.

The Tailgater is priced at $79.99 and available at your nearest Umpqua dealer.

Check out the Umpqua website for more information on the Tailgater and an impressive list of other gear bags.

If you're placing an online order click through to Trouts Fly Fishing as they have the Tailgater in stock and help support this website by keeping the lights on.