Monday, September 15, 2014

This Is 40

Well, not to make to much of a big deal about it, but today I turn 40.  I can't say that I am entirely stoked about it but I won't drone on though I am left wondering where my 30's went.  Time does seem to be moving along at a faster pace than I'd like.  Maybe things will ease down a bit for the next ten years, though I know that is very unlikely. 

I do have to say that I've got it pretty good.  Happily married for almost fifteen years, two bright and beautiful children, a job in public safety that I enjoy (even if it can be a bit dangerous at times), a supportive family, and a long list of friends.  I'm damn lucky.   

September also marks the sixth year that I have been writing T.F.M. and I continue to be astounded at the response that anglers and the fly fishing industry have given to fiberglass fly rods.  T.F.M. is my creative release and I have a really good time putting content together for it each and every day.

To date there are over 2,800 published posts up on T.F.M. and there have been over 1,200,000 visitors with page views are well over 2,000,000.  These are kind of crazy numbers to get my head around and I want to thank everyone that checks in daily.  A huge thank you also to the industry friends who make contests, giveaways, and a lot more possible around here.  It is greatly appreciated.

Here's to another 40 and hopefully a few more years of T.F.M. too.  Cheers...

Mug Boss - Fly Tying Life Hacks

The boys at Gink & Gasoline put together an interesting list of inexpensive fly fishing life hacks in a post last week and it reminded me of another life hack that I wanted to pass along with the Bucket Boss Mug Boss.

The Mug Boss fits into about any normal sized coffee cup and is made of a heavy duty polyester material with twelve pockets to help keep track of all your fly tying tools.

The cost for a Mug Boss is under $8 online and is available through Amazon.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This Week In #glassisnotdead

Last night I returned home from a long shift at work around midnight and picked up my iPad mini to check on a few things for bed.  While leafing through Instagram I pulled up the #glassisnotdead hashtag and was astounded to find that over 5,000 images have now been tagged.  Beyond stellar.  

Here's a baker's dozen of my favorite images including image 5,000 to start off the set.














Thanks to all those that tag their photos.  I enjoy the inside glimpse of your experiences with glass.

Be sure to hashtag your photos with #glassisnotdead and a favorite photo may turn up in a future T.F.M. post.


The Keep The Wild, Wild Tour kicked off in Spokane this weekend and there are six more stops showing Shane Anderson's film, Wild Reverence.  If you live nearby any of the upcoming tour stops please take the time to attend one of these special events.

If you are unfamiliar with the film please check out trailer and if you can't make a tour stop the film can be purchased through Vimeo On Demand or DVD.

Check out the Keep The Wild, Wild Tour for ticket information.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Howler Brothers - The Call Of Fall

The peeps at Howler Brothers dropped their Fall 2014 collection online yesterday and with they also released a short video from RC Cone featuring quite a few of the new apparel pieces on location in Iceland where he's shooting his latest project Yow: Icelandic For Yes!

Check out the Howler Brothers website to check out the pieces of the new line up for fall and always remember to use the 20% off discount code of "TFM14" when placing your online order.

FLY GEEK - Retro Fly Skagit Fly Wheel

Matt Bennett of Fly Geek runs a cool website that centers on fly tying with some fly fishing mixed in.  Some months ago purchased a Retro Fly version of the Skagit Fly Wheel which he's been using the top as a background for his fly photos and I think it looks pretty sharp.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite fly photos of his and it's easy to see that Matt's talents on the vise are on a broad spectrum from small trout flies to oversized streamers.

Check out the Fly Geek website for more mad skills on the vise and if you're interested in a Skagit Fly Wheel check out the T.F.M. Store page and send an email to order.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fine Tackle - An Experimental Build

I may have mentioned it before, but Christian Hörgren of Fine Tackle is a mad scientist when it comes to design and figuring out new ways of doing things.  His latest idea involves creating a grip with a two inch deep void at the front of the handle which allows a blank, in this case a Hilevel Green River 7'6" four weight, to "flex freely inside the grip".

Who wants a glass rod that flexes even more than it did before?  I'd surely stand in line for one.

Christian wrote...  "I have been working with this flexing grip for a while, and it came out just the way I wanted. Instead of a winding check, I made a 2" deep void at the front of the handle to allow the blank to flex freely inside the grip. It's quite labour intense to make the voided grip, and some of you might object that this can be achieved by making a ventilated grip. But there is a difference, since you don't touch the actual blank in the front of the grip. Anyway, it's an experiment and I like the performance and the looks of it."

Visit the Fine Tackle website for more images and information on this build.

Follow Fine Tackle on Facebook for the latest shop news and Christian can be contacted by email at